OXYMATIC Smart pleasantly surprised pool professionals

Balance positivo de la presencia de Oxymatic Smart en el salón internacional Piscina & Wellness Barcelona

Very positive results for OXYMATIC Smart at Piscina & Wellness show in Barcelona

Home automation provides a new way of conceiving the management of pools for users and professionals

OXYMATIC Smart is the ecological water treatment choosen by those who want to take care of their health and respect the environment

Last October, at Salon Piscine & Wellness in Barcelona, Oxymatic Smart has pleasantly surprised all the visitors. The reason for all the interest at this international trade fair was the inclusion of its revolutionary fully-integrated pool-management system, its touch-screen and mobile app.

The inclusion of these enhancements shows the way towards a fresh understanding of the management of swimming-pools, bringing an innovative aspect to the sector, for trade and users alike.

Oxymatic Smart sorprende gratamente a los profesionales del sector de las piscinas

The comments made by people on coming up to the stand were very enthusiastic in wanting to try out this product, which was just what they had been waiting for. It unites ecology and home automationin a unique system, with all data available together “in the cloud”.

What really attracted the public’s attention was the tester which, together with the mobile app, means Oxymatic Smart has fully adapted to meet market trends in the world of intelligent mobile devices. This major step forward will transform totally the way we regulate and manage swimming-pools, in that owners and those responsible for maintenance will be able remotely to carry out checks and operate a range of functions and settings.

By using this mobile app, it’s easy for users and professionals to connect from anywhere: at home, office or even while abroad, simply by going to the box containing the purification system. Oxymatic Smart is the only 100% ecological system that combines all swimming-pool control and management functions remotely, and builds these into intelligent mobile devices.

On trying out its operation at the stand, the fitters were excited about the facility to “download data from the cloud” in real-time, and to control the state of customers’ pools. A pioneering system that monitors all the equipment settings gives greater control and makes it possible to act before any untoward incident can arise. Remote operation gives them the power to deploy logistical resources better, and to provide more efficient customer service.

Oxymatic Smart® el sistema que controla en todo momento el estado de la piscina y gestiona globalmente la desinfección del agua

The public was amazed on seeing the operation of the Oxymatic Smart system live at a pool, and seeing on-site how the water is disinfected, saving both water and energy when everything is managed from a mobile phone or tablet.

The system controls in real time, the state of the pool and manages the disinfection of the water, anticipating potential problems. This innovative form of remote management optimizes all the functions of the pool (pH, circulation, filtration, disinfection, energy saving, heating, lighting …) allowing you to view and act on the water parameters in real time.

Oxymatic Smart, the 100% ecological disinfection system made byHydrover, provides pure, healthy water that’s treated ecologicallywithout requiring the use of chlorine, salt or other chemicals,thereby helping to save the environment and safeguard public health. Apart from the product savings, it’s the automatic disinfection system that wastes least in relation to volumes of water treated, consuming between 5 and 12 watts/hour. This system, which is the only one of its type on the market, uses ABOT (Advanced Bi-polar Oxydation Technology), a technology developed by Hydrover and patented internationally, based on hydrolysis and copper ionisation. All this is possible with the use of advanced technology developed by Oxymatic, which breaks down water molecules by means of hydrolysis, thereby producing one of the most powerful disinfectants on the market, known as Hydroxyl s.

ABOT (Advanced Bi-polar Oxydation Technology), una tecnología patentada internacionalmente y utilizada en multitud de instalaciones por todo el mundo.

OXYMATIC Smart was also present in the “Innovation Zone”, which displays the most innovative products in the sector.

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