Advanced Bi-Polar Oxidation Technology

Innovative technology in the treatment of all types of water. More efficient than traditional systems, 100% ecological and safe

One of the most powerful disinfectants on the market using the water’s natural molecule

Uno de los desinfectantes más poderosos del mercado producido a partir de la propia molécula del agua.

Our advanced technology uses water hydrolysis, the most efficient and safest solution on the market

The hydrolysis process is three times as effective as chlorine, which is used for this purpose to disinfect water in many water  treatment processes

The hydrolysis process

Very effective water disinfection method without using salt, chemical oxidants and chlorine


Hydrolysis is the process whereby the water molecule separates by virtue of the electric current through it, producing one of the most powerful disinfectants, the Hydroxyls

Hydrolysis of water occurs when an electric current is conducted from the cathode (+) to the anode (-) of a reaction cell. The water thus functions as a fluid electricity  conductor.


In these specific circumstances, hydroxys (OH¯) are produced. They have high oxidizing power, which is expressed as ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential).

proceso hidrolisis

Constantly regulated production of hydroxyls  (OHˉ) is essential for effective water treatment. This applies irrespective of water quality or type. If this essential precondition is not satisfied, formation of the required hydroxyls will be impeded; as a consequence, the effectiveness of disinfection will be badly compromised. This is why the Oxymatic ® Smart system automatically controls all these parameters in order to produce an optimum quantity at any time

ABOT’s Advanced Bi-polar Oxidation Technology  allows water disinfection to be highly effective while eliminating or minimizing the use of chemical oxidants that are harmful to the health and the environment


Copper ionization is a process whereby a compact block of copper(Cu ⁺ ⁺)  is broken up in a controlled manner by applying an electric current to it

ABOT technology uses ionization with copper electrodes to produce copper ions as a secondarily residual applied technology. It has long been known that copper possesses a biocide action, and is an excellent algaecide/bactericide in this form.


However, copper ions are not harmful to humans at the specified concentrations (<0,7 ppm). Indeed, humans require copper to keep in good health.


Water hydrolysis is the primary process used in Oxymatic technology. In combination with residual copper ionization, it forms a mutually reinforcing bond. Irrespective of water quality or type, here too, ABOT will produce a constant output of copper ions.

proceso ionización

It is also the only technology that can treat any and every type of water. The result is a a constant healthy and natural water quality


Advanced Bi-Polar Oxidation Technology

Salt free, chlorine free, chemical oxidants free, odor free, taste free,  irritations free, allergies free … just pure water

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